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Joe was quick to reply to my request

By: henrygil715 | March 30, 2017

Joe was quick to reply to my request and promptly emailed me an estimate. The job was completed and signed off by the city without any complications. All along, I have not met Joe in person but the job was done efficiently and I am very satisfied with the work. I would recommend him to anyone looking to repair their stucco.

I'm an interior designer working...

By: nicoleholister1978 | March 3, 2017

I'm an interior designer working on rehabbing properties with a very tight budget. Due to my knowledge of kitchen design, the website and cabinetry selections were very easy to navigate and I was easily able to select the various components needed to create a designer kitchen on a budget. I have received door samples in a timely manner and am very happy with their quality! I will definitely be using them as a valuable resource going forward for both rehab properties and personal clients.

Fast and affordable service

By: AndyAdkins | January 25, 2017

With this last storm my roof started leaking. Mutual Builders & Acceptance came right out, assessed the situation and told me it was an easy fix. The next morning as scheduled, they were on my roof fixing the problem. Thank you guys for the fast, affordable service.

Excellent reputable builder for over...

By: non-member | December 11, 2016

High quality materials to workmanship on all homes. Personal attention to details and quality control. Excellent rapport with this builder for rare if followup issues. Highly recommended as this quality control is rare in today's market with new builders trying to build small, quick possession homes in large numbers, lacking the experience and quality control. nnHighly recommend this builder!

Wheatland Custom Homes Ltd

342 Verbeke Rd Saskatoon, SK

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No show on 1st dat of snow

By: acolavin | December 5, 2016

Very disappointed, everybody has their driveway clean, and me nothing. They had all day to come and at 16:54 still nothing. I call to tell them that nobody ca,e by and they tell me he is in the area and almost there. 17:30 and still nobody here, what the hell?????? Kirkland resident...

Deneigement St-Charles

17080 Rue Robert Pierrefonds, QC

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By: non-member | October 27, 2016

G & JD Construction were wonderful to work with. They listened to what I wanted gave me ideas and completed an amazing yard with a concrete pad. They removed all the old blocks grass and rocks and left my property looking better than it ever had. They are professional, trustworthy and the price is fantastic! I highly recommend this company!!

G & Jd Construction Ltd

PO Box 730 Nanton, AB

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No communication- delays

By: non-member | October 23, 2016

Bought with Calbridge in Cochrane and house construction took forever. There was no communication from management about the delays. Management claims they knew nothing of our dissatisfaction despite constant complaints to sales staff and our lawyer contacting sales requesting they contact management to address complaints. They just do not care. In a service industry you would think customer service and reputation would matter but apparently not to Calbridge.

Calbridge Fine Homes

7325 12 St SE Calgary, AB

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Catherine Cartwright and Ken Grekul

By: docmaker | September 19, 2016

From reading court records, they take many of their clients to court after they, as builders both as the judge said qualified and experienced in construction estimating, go three times over budget. Had we known this, no matter how good the recommendation we received from someone we later found out is receiving money from them, we would never have hired them. They seem to have a history, from speaking with past clients, of using the legal system to threaten people into giving them extra money. We counter-sued and won. They emailed our lawyer that they would not be showing up to court when the judge was to set the amount Sea-Bright owed us. Even though they made a great fuss about their decades in business, the moment a client won a judgement against them, we found out that Catherine Cartwright has shut down the business. She seems to have other corporate ventures. She has twice run unsuccessfully for New Westminster City Council as well.

Sea-Bright Builders Inc

442 Fader St New Westminster, BC

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By: UBC | September 13, 2016

My husband found Wilco online from , so we took the chance based on the reviews we read in its entirety before deciding to hire Wilco. Solid guy Chris is , and his craftsmanship is superb! Talk about meeting deadlines , he knows what he is talking about and he knows what he is doing hands down without a single doubt about it.

Wilco Flooring LTD

1 Lower mainland Vancouver, BC

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Dont buy Westbow, especially a townhouse

By: non-member | August 31, 2016

Frankly I dont know where to begin. The experience of purchasing a townhouse from Westbow has been a nightmare. We would never do it again. We pre-ordered a townhouse Jan of 2016. Took possession July 2016. From the time we moved in there has been so many issues, so many problems with the townhouse. And the quality of the work can be unbelievably bad. Actually there was some issues before we moved in. Those problems should had told us to stay away from Westbow. But we bought their nonsense about building quality homes and caring about the people that bought from them. Nothing could be further from the truth. As mentioned we took possession in July - 2 months ago and still the laminate floors are not finished. Its been 2 months and the cabinet doors\drawers are still not finished. Its been 2 months and other outstanding issues still have not been finished. We cant even fully move in because of all the issues Westbow is leaving behind to keep its pace of building even more. The...


Had to take them to small claims...

By: kmoulton | July 26, 2016

My company bid on a lot and won the bid. We wired the money to Salvex but found out that the lot we had won was not available. We spoke to the owner of the lot and he said it hadn't been available for some time and that he had told Salvex it was not available and they continued to allow people to bid on it. Salvex admitted that there was an error and told us they would refund our money. We called for 6 months and were told each time (by Anna) that our money was on the way. Since it appeared they were not going to return our money we went after them in small claims court. We filed for the money owed plus court costs. A few weeks after doing this their lawyer contacted us and sent us what they owed. plus court costs.As long as they owe you less then 10,000 you can file in small claims. If you don't know how go to the Harris county clerk of courts site or call them they will walk you through the process. The cost is just $119. Salvex will be forced to pay or the CEO himself will have to go to court. They are not allowed to send a lawyer to small claims court to represent them.

Salvex Inc

2460 Montee Saint-Francois Laval, QC

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