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Do not build with A & S

By: donotbuild | July 29, 2016

My experience with A & S was absolutely terrible. I would not recommend A & S homes to anyone. I cannot believe they are still in business after building homes with lots of issues. We had lot of issue in our dream house that we build with A & S. After you get the possession of the house A & S customer service is the worst I have seen so far. We sold our house and didn’t want to deal with A & S. Please don’t build with A & S homes.
A & S homes are not cheap and if you are looking to build a new house pay extra money and build with a reputable builder and search for customer reviews and do your homework before you sign the contract.

A&S Homes

101-990 Lorimer Blvd Winnipeg, MB

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Had to take them to small claims...

By: kmoulton | July 26, 2016

My company bid on a lot and won the bid. We wired the money to Salvex but found out that the lot we had won was not available. We spoke to the owner of the lot and he said it hadn't been available for some time and that he had told Salvex it was not available and they continued to allow people to bid on it. Salvex admitted that there was an error and told us they would refund our money. We called for 6 months and were told each time (by Anna) that our money was on the way. Since it appeared they were not going to return our money we went after them in small claims court. We filed for the money owed plus court costs. A few weeks after doing this their lawyer contacted us and sent us what they owed. plus court costs.As long as they owe you less then 10,000 you can file in small claims. If you don't know how go to the Harris county clerk of courts site or call them they will walk you through the process. The cost is just $119. Salvex will be forced to pay or the CEO himself will have to go to court. They are not allowed to send a lawyer to small claims court to represent them.

Salvex Inc

2460 Montee Saint-Francois Laval, QC

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He did an excellent job of matching...

By: marjorier355 | July 26, 2016

Three palm trees in a too-small planting area had created a long crack in our front patio wall. Two other contractors had proposed taking the wall apart to expose the cement blocks underneath and gave me expensive bids. Joe explained that this wasn't necessary and could even create more problems, and he gave me a very reasonable bid. He did an excellent job of matching the stucco and achieving a satisfactory cosmetic repair. He also seems to have vast knowledge about construction and landscaping in general and is willing to share this knowledge. He was so focused on helping me that he almost forgot to collect his check for the work he did!

I spent over $17K with Cabinet mania

By: tbarchowski1964 | June 26, 2016

I just wanted to take the time to let you know how much I have enjoyed working with Angela in designing my kitchen. She has gone above and beyond to work with my crazy requests and changes to get us to our final kitchen product. As a designer myself, I am certain that my changes have gone way outside the realm of the normal client, and she has responded to each one with quick attention and smiles.
We are so excited for our new kitchen, and had many quotes to choose from. Our customer service experience with Mike has been so amazing, that there isn’t a chance we would go with anyone else. We hope to place our order soon, and this is largely based on our wonderful experience in working with
Thank you again!

I thought you should know

By: sirena | May 30, 2016

HI Doug, This is Patrica, mother of your son, Jason. I thought you might want to be reminded that he just turned 50 on May 17th and he is a pretty awesome person. A fine father and husband. You should get to know him. It would do you good. Jason is not hard to find. Try! You are Waaay overdue. Patricia

Nice looking houses - cheaply built!

By: newhomeowner | May 26, 2016

I fell in love with the layout of one of their homes, and it was listed at a decent price. The house was still being constructed when I bought it, and, after I put the deposit down, workmanship went down the drain. The walkthrough was a joke...Westbow didn't even make a list, and just made up excuses for why things were the way they were - i.e. a light switch isn't straight "Well that's not a defect it's just a cosmetic issue", big gaps between floor and trim "cosmetic issue", lighting fixture in the wrong position "cosmetic issue", handfuls of dirt left in the heating ducts "we'll get someone to clean that" - NEVER DID ANYTHING, cracking in the counter tile trim "that's just settling and is normal", carpets lifted months after installing "lets check that out when we do our 1-year inspection" - NOBODY DID A ONE-YEAR INSPECTION EVEN THOUGH IT WAS BROUGHT UP. Squeaky floors, floor boards lifting, walls not...


Great Service - Very Professional

By: RoseThomas957 | May 2, 2016

We worked with various contractors before and BidRite for us is a contractor that focuses on delivery quality results. BidRite is a service oriented company and it is reflected by the things their staff would do. Everyone involved in our project were really great and professional.

Bidrite Construction

2010 S Austin Ste 10 Amarillo, TX

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emergency door repair

By: non-member | March 17, 2016

my insurance company referred them to do an emergency door repair, so I did not do a lot of shopping around. they always delayed work, saying they would come repair saturday morning , not follow up and when we asked they said they would come sunday morning, and came sunday afternoon. another time they postponed it again an entire week and pushed it to a weekday instead of then weekend, because the contractor was 'sick'. but when they are done, this lady holly keeps asking me to pay up, even though they agreed to be paid after insurance approves the repair.nnthe door is also of interior quality, had to ask them to come in and fix it when it was not done properly the first time. my original door was a lot better.

Trimac General Contracting

2691 Markham Rd #8 Scarborough, ON

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Poor service

By: non-member | March 9, 2016

We bought a house from Calbridge Home, during the one-year walk through, we reported some problems of the house to the builder.
For example, the lights in our den is keep flashing when we use our printer, the second hall way floor are squeaking, the fireplace is not working at all, the dishwasher not working, the water drop directly from the eave-lead to the ground, the side walk are full of ice, the garage and drive way concrete are cracked and spalling badly.
We don’t understand why the house can have that many problems under the construction of the Calbridge, but as long as the builder can fix those problems, then we are ok with it. This is our first new house, we choose Calbridge to build our first new home because we trust Calbridge is a good builder, but until today we think we are totally wrong, we’re so disappointed with Calbridge.
Because only the fireplace and dishwasher are fixed (we contact Trail Appliance by ourselves to fix the dishwasher). Our...


Calbridge Fine Homes

7325 12 St SE Calgary, AB

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One good worker

By: non-member | January 20, 2016

This company robs job sites blind. They over charge for ghost work. Not to mention their laborers are over worked. Their truck broke down 3 times doing a fence post. i could have dug it faster by hand and they still charged me for 6hrs work (3hrs downtime)

The only person i dealt with there that seem to have their head on their shoulders was the young gentleman they had in the office, Brandon i believe. I called back later in the summer and he was gone. Hopefully onto better things. I was trying to get my OVER CHARGED bill addressed and no one would take my call...

Please use any other company.

Cardan Contracting Inc

Bowmanville Bowmanville, ON

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