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By: barbaradiv | July 14, 2014

They were absolutely wonderful. I think the window is about 10 feet, but I am not sure. I actually chose them because of reviews I had read through the web. The representative was professional and knowledgeable. There was no pressure on me to place an order. Their pricing was competitive because I had gotten a couple of other estimates. The rep that came to measure the window kept to the appointment time as did the installers. They worked very hard to complete the work in one day as it was scheduled. I am very pleased with the window both inside and outside the house. They did a great job for me. Thank you GoldStar Window!

Enjoying our expanded kitchen.......

By: bcprof | February 6, 2014

It's now been ten months since the completion of our kitchen and front entry re-design. We're very pleased with the results and with our experience working with Oakwood.

Upon giving the go-ahead the process of preconstruction meetings really helped make sure that we were on the same page about what would happen and the scheduling. During the work we found that both the Oakwood workers and the sub-trades were both professional and friendly. We also had occasion to call upon Oakwood for some post-project service. Again the response and service provided was prompt and professional.

We're really enjoying our expanded kitchen and our opened-up front entrance. The project has given our 1970s era house an up-to-date feel and makes entertaining much more enjoyable.

Never ever hire Wallmark Homes

By: non-member | January 22, 2014

Unfortunately, I bought a home built by Wallmark.
I expected a quality, well-built home –after all I paid them over a million dollars for it. While they will court you before you sign on the dotted line, once they get your signature and a deposit, things will change. After that, you are nothing to them. In my case they built a substandard home, with doors that do not close. Or open. With floors that squeak like a herd of hungry mice every time you take a step. With shower stalls that do not drain water and faucets that leak. The list goes on and on. I have talked to many of my neighbors in the same subdivision – they also have the same problems with Wallmark.
While I accept the fact that we all make mistakes, it’s how the mistakes are dealt with. Wallmark essentially told me to go and fly a kite. They don’t have to fix anything. They already have my money.
Well, now you know about Wallmark, behave accordingly…

Wallmark Homes Ltd

955 Sauve Crt North Vancouver, BC

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Don't waste your home buying...

By: non-member | January 17, 2014

I purchased a presale condo from them in January of 2013, before framing had begun. Before I purchased, I inquired about a bunch of things that I had hoped to change about the suite. The sales person assured me that I could customize the home and make it my own.

Of course I was generally too concerned with keeping an upbeat relationship with their sales person to demand that she put these items in writing. She would insist that it was not the right time, and as per an e-mail I received that this was the following procedure:

"If you are wanting to make changes to your island, cabinets, flooring etc. we actually do that seperately once we start framing. Any changes would be priced out, a credit would be determined for the standard we put in and then you would decide if the upcharge for what you are changing is going to work for you. You are the only one to decide if you want to pay for the changes you are looking for once I provide the upgrade price to you. If...


Abbey Lane Homes

10568 109 St NW #200 Edmonton, AB

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By: non-member | December 3, 2013

he was excellent! He consulted with me every step of the renovation process. He provided an estimate and warned me each time I exceeded it. The work was excellent and professional. The quality of everything was excellent. The sub contractors were all very good. I am very satisfied with how everything turned out. No complaints whatsoever. I would highly recommend them!

Abarent Construction Ltd

11472 - 156 Street Edmonton, AB

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Stay away from Sloot Construction

By: Slooted2 | October 19, 2013

Sloot Construction made the building of our home an absolute nightmare! Throughout the year-long build (which they still have yet to complete), Sloot Construction demonstrated questionable invoicing practices, an overwhelming lack of site supervision, lack of knowledge of the building code and/or Energy Star requirements, and a complete disregard for quality workmanship. The owner, John Sloot, was verbally abusive and refused to meet with the home owners to resolve outstanding issues created by Sloot Construction. PLEAS FIND ANOTHER BUILDER TO BUILD YOUR HOME...STAY AWAY FROM SLOOT CONSTRUCTION!!

Sloot Construction Ltd

599 Wellington St W Guelph, ON

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Horrible workmanship - refuse to fix

By: non-member | August 3, 2013

ADVANCED CONSTRUCTION in Sudbury, Ontario is responsible for the workmanship you see in these photos. My garage floor has dropped by at least three inches. There are huge cracks in both garage and house foundations... where you can see through to outside. The garage floor has HUGE cracks. And some of the blocks on the garage foundation have actually shifted off somewhat. And when asked to fix, they parged a bit... never came back to fix anything. When contacted again, they ignore me.

Advanced Construction

598 Sunnyside Rd Sudbury, ON

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By: non-member | July 19, 2013

Just finished purchasing an A&S homes, chosen by the quality workmanship this company offers.
Well, I WAS WRONG! After seeing the various stages of work being performed, I realized I was wrong all the way to the end.
Just got a walk through and was even more disappointed! The workmanship was very poor at best, painting missing, missing light switches, glue all over the hardwood flooring, house inside all over very dirty (and I was told that A&S only does a thoroughly cleaning when is a show home otherwise they just do a general fast cleaning), well when you pay half a million dollars for a property you would expect the house at least to be presentable in a great way, NOT!
I am not dome yet, holes on the doors, holes on the walls hidden by carpets, damaged tub, and much much more. No driveway or garage floor done, and now it is raining and I cannot move in due to too much mud on the construction zone!
I must say I will not recommend anymore an A&S home to anyone if this is the way they present themselves and the company!

A & S Homes

25 Scurfield Blvd Winnipeg, MB

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