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I thought you should know

By: sirena | May 30, 2016

HI Doug, This is Patrica, mother of your son, Jason. I thought you might want to be reminded that he just turned 50 on May 17th and he is a pretty awesome person. A fine father and husband. You should get to know him. It would do you good. Jason is not hard to find. Try! You are Waaay overdue. Patricia

Nice looking houses - cheaply built!

By: newhomeowner | May 26, 2016

I fell in love with the layout of one of their homes, and it was listed at a decent price. The house was still being constructed when I bought it, and, after I put the deposit down, workmanship went down the drain. The walkthrough was a joke...Westbow didn't even make a list, and just made up excuses for why things were the way they were - i.e. a light switch isn't straight "Well that's not a defect it's just a cosmetic issue", big gaps between floor and trim "cosmetic issue", lighting fixture in the wrong position "cosmetic issue", handfuls of dirt left in the heating ducts "we'll get someone to clean that" - NEVER DID ANYTHING, cracking in the counter tile trim "that's just settling and is normal", carpets lifted months after installing "lets check that out when we do our 1-year inspection" - NOBODY DID A ONE-YEAR INSPECTION EVEN THOUGH IT WAS BROUGHT UP. Squeaky floors, floor boards lifting, walls not...


As for the quality of work, excellent!

By: jeffm634 | May 21, 2016

Joe is not your typical contractor. He actually calls you back and answers any questions you have. He gave me a time he would complete it and actually met the date. He actually cleans up after himself, not just picking up the big stuff. I had a few contractors come by for a window replacement and they left nails, staples, screws, and other junk lying around. Joe even cleaned up after them! As for the quality of work, excellent! You can't even tell he was there. Great work goes un-noticed and bad work can't be missed. But in my case, the old work was done so poorly that you can't miss that a professional fixed it.

Great Service - Very Professional

By: RoseThomas957 | May 2, 2016

We worked with various contractors before and BidRite for us is a contractor that focuses on delivery quality results. BidRite is a service oriented company and it is reflected by the things their staff would do. Everyone involved in our project were really great and professional.

Bidrite Construction

2010 S Austin Ste 10 Amarillo, TX

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Worst builder in North America

By: Wpgbike | March 29, 2016

Built in 2004, garden door and issue from day one, I discovered they installed a non standard door so it cost a fortune when I replaced it. No exterior perforations sealed so ice formed on walls every winter, finally spray foamed to solve issue. Discovered electrical not to code (220v wire on floor) so I had to fix it. Attic insulation not to code (should have been R40, was R12 in places, was estimated to be R40 or less over all) - I had to insulate attic to bring to code. Worst of other all, the dining room leaked due to poor roof in year 4, A&S said too bad your problem we only built it. Roofer, who had changed company name to ASAP roofing was still doing business with A&S would not return my calls. I was shocked to read he is STILL doing roofs for A&S. I mean really how many bad roofs do you have to do before you change contractors? The cabinet maker was horrible, the finish is coming off and I need to replace all cabinets in both bathrooms and kitchen. Thus company is focused too much on profits! Hopefully they loss lawsuit and focus on fixing company by doing quality work.

A&S Homes

101-990 Lorimer Blvd Winnipeg, MB

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Great customer service

By: andy66787680 | March 22, 2016

I wanted to send Lilian the owner of Cabinet Mania of Milwaukee Wisconsin a quick message and tell you what a fantastic experience the wife and I had with Cabinet Mania and the owner Lillian. To say it was a huge leap to buy sight unseen cabinets that I would have to assemble myself would be an understatement. However, I was impressed from the start with Lillian and how quickly she put together a design that we fell in love with. Each adjustment we made tweaking the design was met with enthusiasm and an eagerness from Lillian to get it just right and to make sure we were happy. Iu2019m sure I drove you nuts with emails however, your customer service is TOP NOTCH! Thank you very much for staying on top of our order from start to finish!

One good worker

By: non-member | January 20, 2016

This company robs job sites blind. They over charge for ghost work. Not to mention their laborers are over worked. Their truck broke down 3 times doing a fence post. i could have dug it faster by hand and they still charged me for 6hrs work (3hrs downtime)

The only person i dealt with there that seem to have their head on their shoulders was the young gentleman they had in the office, Brandon i believe. I called back later in the summer and he was gone. Hopefully onto better things. I was trying to get my OVER CHARGED bill addressed and no one would take my call...

Please use any other company.

Cardan Contracting Inc

Bowmanville Bowmanville, ON

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Amazing Experience

By: non-member | November 20, 2015

This is not a sales pitch, or us simply writing kind words in the form of a referral. This is me and my wife simply telling a story of how we purchased our home and why. We were expecting our first child, living in a basement with two big dogs and on the hunt for a home for our growing family. We had just made a verbal agreement with a salesman from another company for a lot in a different development, that salesman went on vacation and our lot was sold to someone else. This made us decide to buy a previously owned home instead of having one built; we simply went into the Homexx show home to get interior design ideas. Immediately we noticed the difference in Danny’s approach, he simply introduced himself let us walk around and come ask him questions when we were done. The house was not what we initially liked, the lots were not what we were looking for, and so our initial interest was very low. Danny sat with us and it never felt like he was selling us, he simply explained how we...


Homexx Corp

16222 84 St NW Edmonton, AB

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Way over budget

By: acusys | October 15, 2015

While the work we had performed by WB was average, the sub con's were excellent and on budget. As for WB, they were unable to provide any costs updates during our renovations (believe me we asked), and when we received the final bill it was 20K over what was budgeted. They charge not only 15% on top of sub con's and materials, they charge 15% on top of their labor rate as well. The owners of WB took no responsibility stating that it was our fault for all of the additional's (which they were not able to provide a listing of) and because we signed the cost plus contract, it was what was owed, end of discussion. If you are thinking of any home renovations, do not use WB contracting, and definitely do not sign a cost plus contract. They over charge where ever they can and blame you for the overage.

W B Contracting

3557 Mackenzie Ave Powell River, BC

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