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Quality cabinets, great price, great...

By: monicamudro | December 3, 2016

Quality cabinets, great price, great web site, ease of ordering, and spectacular customer service. I was thrilled with the quality of cabinet in the Iceberg white finish. The price was great, too. Instructional video was helpful and took about an hour. Was much easier then going from store to store. I am very pleased with your company.

The roofer arrived on time

By: DavidGreen | November 17, 2016

I hired Mutual Builders & Acceptance to do repair in my home. The roofer arrived on time, he was professional and repaired my broken roof in no time. Then he also helped me to clean up his work area.

bad builder of Calbridge Homes

By: bagua158 | October 17, 2016

We bought a new house from Calbridge Homes and moved in lately, but it is a so bad experience to us. They turned our happiness into nightmare, and they do not care about your house, only care about earning your money. The house quality is not what they tell you, and they always push back/off the repairs, and even they promised you to get an defect/problem fixed, what would happen next is "waiting... with no response"!

I strongly DO NOT recommend my friends to buy a house from Calbridge Homes.

Calbridge Fine Homes

7325 12 St SE Calgary, AB

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Catherine Cartwright and Ken Grekul

By: docmaker | September 19, 2016

From reading court records, they take many of their clients to court after they, as builders both as the judge said qualified and experienced in construction estimating, go three times over budget. Had we known this, no matter how good the recommendation we received from someone we later found out is receiving money from them, we would never have hired them. They seem to have a history, from speaking with past clients, of using the legal system to threaten people into giving them extra money. We counter-sued and won. They emailed our lawyer that they would not be showing up to court when the judge was to set the amount Sea-Bright owed us. Even though they made a great fuss about their decades in business, the moment a client won a judgement against them, we found out that Catherine Cartwright has shut down the business. She seems to have other corporate ventures. She has twice run unsuccessfully for New Westminster City Council as well.

Sea-Bright Builders Inc

442 Fader St New Westminster, BC

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By: UBC | September 13, 2016

My husband found Wilco online from , so we took the chance based on the reviews we read in its entirety before deciding to hire Wilco. Solid guy Chris is , and his craftsmanship is superb! Talk about meeting deadlines , he knows what he is talking about and he knows what he is doing hands down without a single doubt about it.

Wilco Flooring LTD

1 Lower mainland Vancouver, BC

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Had to take them to small claims...

By: kmoulton | July 26, 2016

My company bid on a lot and won the bid. We wired the money to Salvex but found out that the lot we had won was not available. We spoke to the owner of the lot and he said it hadn't been available for some time and that he had told Salvex it was not available and they continued to allow people to bid on it. Salvex admitted that there was an error and told us they would refund our money. We called for 6 months and were told each time (by Anna) that our money was on the way. Since it appeared they were not going to return our money we went after them in small claims court. We filed for the money owed plus court costs. A few weeks after doing this their lawyer contacted us and sent us what they owed. plus court costs.As long as they owe you less then 10,000 you can file in small claims. If you don't know how go to the Harris county clerk of courts site or call them they will walk you through the process. The cost is just $119. Salvex will be forced to pay or the CEO himself will have to go to court. They are not allowed to send a lawyer to small claims court to represent them.

Salvex Inc

2460 Montee Saint-Francois Laval, QC

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Eavestrough Installation

By: non-member | July 3, 2016

Dont hire Brutte to install eavestroughs. They did mine and just slapped them up on my older house without checking the levels and they overflow at the wrong ends opposite the downspouts. I had to install two more downspouts on the south of my house to fix this, so now I have three downspouts on one side, I have to install another on the north side. Also I have a problem with water getting down between the back of the eavetrough and the board it is nailed to. The flashing they put behind the trough has a lip on it for the water to drip off. They just slapped these up there also and then the metal of the trough does not go tight against the board leaving a gap for water to drip down. The lip was supposed go over to top of the back edge of the trough so the water drips into the trough. I am disgusted with this and it all has to be taken down and I will complain to the Better Business Bureau. Also when they shingled my roof, I had a flat top at the peak that I could walk on to check...


Brutte Construction

1440 Fleury St Regina, SK

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Broken promises

By: non-member | June 29, 2016

We purchased our town home in Warman 2 months ago. After begging and pleading we finally got screens for our windows, the barbecue hook up and air condItioning. No amount of emails and requests have resulted in landscaping. Our back yard is mud and mostly under water. What really annoys me is that the buildings with no one living in are done but we have mud. If you purchase ensure there is a holdback. Maybe if the company does not get fully paid they would live up to their promises.

not happy

By: non-member | June 28, 2016

I have had a very bad experience with the owner/operator. He lies about everything to make himself
look good, but does nothing to correct the problem. He does not care about his customers and the
people he deals with. He does not have the common courtesy to return any phone calls. We have even gone by the business and they would not open the doors to avoid dealing with the problem. I do not recommend Romex alarm to any one.

I thought you should know

By: sirena | May 30, 2016

HI Doug, This is Patrica, mother of your son, Jason. I thought you might want to be reminded that he just turned 50 on May 17th and he is a pretty awesome person. A fine father and husband. You should get to know him. It would do you good. Jason is not hard to find. Try! You are Waaay overdue. Patricia