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New House at Francine Cres, Mississauga

By: kashifi | June 19, 2015

Summit View Homes is an absolute nightmare.

1) We were delivered our house at Francine Cres in Mississauga in early 2015 without Gas company approval. Enbridge inspector stood in our house and told us that the house is unsafe for living and he is going to cut the gas off unless related issues are immediately fixed.

2) Every time we would run laundry on 2nd floor, basement will flood up. This issue is yet to be resolved in June-2015. We cannot use our basement.

3) There was a hole under carpet on 2nd floor. After weeks of debate with summit view they sent someone who took the carpet apart and fixed the hole and disappeared. No one showed up to fix the carpet yet.

4) Their sub contractors hardly listen to them. They will show up on unscheduled time and then call you to tell that no one opened the door for them and that now they will come back next week.

5) They customer service will never talk to you on phone. All you have is an email...


Summit View Homes

9120 Leslie St #101 Richmond Hill, ON

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By: non-member | June 12, 2015

Just thinking about A&S seriously makes me mad. If you are thinking of buying/building a house with A&S, DON'T!!!! I can't tell you how frustrated I am with A&S. They are currently building our first home at the moment. We are a young couple spending all our life savings to build our dream home. A&S have no regards to their customers. Horrible and I mean HORRIBLE customer service. Actually, there is no Customer Service at all since we cant even get anyone to answer any of our emails and calls. And if you ever get a reply back they will just play the blaming game. They will blame the developer, the sub contactor, or you. But it will never be their fault. They dont know the meaning of responsibility. The people you have to deal with -- Melissa Malo Demmers and Sharlene Frechette -- are useless and rude. They are the one you have to talk to if there is any problems but you cant get any response. Very disappointed. I TRULY REGRET having to deal with this company. Nothing but disappointments.

A&S Homes

101-990 Lorimer Blvd Winnipeg, MB

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Buyer Beware

By: StayawayfromSloot | June 6, 2015

Please find another builder. Although Sloot claims be a 'custom' builder, they continue to take on more than this small company can chew. Due to the fact they have overextended themselves with projects beyond their scope (high density development, apartment buildings), they will NOT offer the personalized experience and attention to detail promised. Sloot construction is notorious for not paying their trades in a timely fashion and their invoicing practices are deplorable. They rest on the fact that they belong to Energy Star, an organization that has limited auditing procedures, although they have very limited understanding of the most current Energy Star requirements. As the home owner, I was constantly correcting their old standards to ensure they met the minimum requirements. Sloot owner, John Sloot's arrogance was matched only by his ignorance of the current Ontario building code. Countless inspections failed and Sloot did the bare minimum to pass, actually...


Sloot Construction Ltd

599 Wellington St W Guelph, ON

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Window cleaning - No show x 3.

By: DaveTO | May 30, 2015

We hired this company because they did a decent job last year, for a good price. This year we hired them back (around $110 for interior / exterior windows in a 2 storey home.) They didn't show on Saturday morning. Or Sunday. Or the following Saturday, even though they called each evening before to confirm the 9-12 am visit. Very disappointed in their service. Perhaps they're to busy, not sure. But if your time matters to you I suggest looking elsewhere.

Do not buy Westbow houses

By: non-member | May 23, 2015

They make beautiful houses but ALWAYS get an inspection. We were about to purchase a new house until the inspection report came back. The floor beams were cracking, no vapour barriers, and one of the vents in the room wasn't hooked up to anything. The electrical box wasn't even insulated so it would freeze, melt, and drip. They were also lacking the fire barrier between us and the other unit!

Westbow Construction Ltd

49810 Campbell Rd Chilliwack, BC

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Beware of Stolk Contruction

By: Antwerp1 | May 15, 2015

Terrible contractor! Took almost 20 months to complete a simple renovation project when they said it would take apx 6 months. Company did a terrible finishing job with what they did complete and in the end and never completed a portion of the job that was agreed upon. Do not use Stolk Construction based in Port Colborne!

Stolk Construction Ltd

11 Petersburg Cir Port Colborne, ON

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Poor after care

By: non-member | April 21, 2015

We purchased a Calbridge home in 2014 in Cochrane. Dealing with the sales staff was a positive experience. They are very knowledgeable about the product they sell. We love our home but the problem were having is once they sell you the house forget about trying to get anything fixed in a timely manner. We have had issues with our house that was addressed before we moved in and it is now 7 months later and still waiting for stuff to be fixed. We no longer deal with the person in charge of the warranty issues because no matter how many e mails you send count yourself lucky if you get a response. And in talking to this person it seems he doesn't know what he is talking about as we had to correct him on some structural issues. We now deal with his boss and its not off to a good start. I fail to see where the problem is in getting trades in to do repairs when they are throwing up houses all around you.

Calbridge Fine Homes

7325 12 St SE Calgary, AB

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Very experienced and it showed

By: non-member | March 13, 2015

We redone our kitchen and I was extremely pleased with the whole process from initial planning, schedule ing and completion
These guys are very good at what they do and very experienced from the moment project started through the process to completion we felt very cofertable.
I would recommend at the very least have these guys give you an estimate and I'm sure like myself and my wife you will be pleased.

Thanks again to the whole team at MXM.


Mr and Mrs Soarse

MXM Contracting

2 Beacon Av Hamilton, ON

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Not what they used to be

By: northvanowner | February 19, 2015

A "Noort home" once meant you were getting a beautiful, well made home. Sure, they cost more than your average home, but they were worth it. At least that's what we thought when we bought ours - just completed, we thought we were very lucky to find it. Fast forward just a few years and we are dealing with (and paying for) their mistakes. An error in bathroom tile selection by Noort or their contractors led to water infiltration problems, mold, wood rot and a very costly bathroom redo (everything removed short of the ceiling). A five-figure repair bill is not what you are expecting on a house considerably less than 10 years old. Noort is well aware of the problem but utterly refused to even partially compensate us for their mistakes.

Personally, I don't even care if someone makes a mistake - everyone does. But don't force others to pay for it. This was a $1.2 million dollar house and we expected them to stand behind their work

Noort Homes

7857 6th St Burnaby, BC

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