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Very personable.

By: bruceh502 | November 26, 2015

He is very, very personable. I shopped around prior to doing this project and his pricing was in the middle. I would have him do further stucco work for me if need be and after the fact, he really cleaned up the mess, without me having to ask, and left it looking great.

Amazing Experience

By: non-member | November 20, 2015

This is not a sales pitch, or us simply writing kind words in the form of a referral. This is me and my wife simply telling a story of how we purchased our home and why. We were expecting our first child, living in a basement with two big dogs and on the hunt for a home for our growing family. We had just made a verbal agreement with a salesman from another company for a lot in a different development, that salesman went on vacation and our lot was sold to someone else. This made us decide to buy a previously owned home instead of having one built; we simply went into the Homexx show home to get interior design ideas. Immediately we noticed the difference in Danny’s approach, he simply introduced himself let us walk around and come ask him questions when we were done. The house was not what we initially liked, the lots were not what we were looking for, and so our initial interest was very low. Danny sat with us and it never felt like he was selling us, he simply explained how we...


Homexx Corp

16222 84 St NW Edmonton, AB

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By: non-member | November 1, 2015

Purchased a condo In warman Sask, Nothing less then Headaches. Was Made several promises by Justin (one of the Owners Son's) None of which he could keep. LIed to about product and services, Home owner warranty is terrible. Issues with taxes and Condo fee's much higher then we were told..

Most owners are relisting within a year of buying them


By: non-member | October 28, 2015

This the worst company in the world. The owner has no idea what he is doing. His hydrovac supervisor is rude and does sloppy work, they over charge their hours (worked 4 hrs charged 9hrs) His machines constantly break down on the job, He runs a scrap yard of vehicles. I truly feel sorry for any mechanic that works for him.

Cardan Contracting Inc

Bowmanville Bowmanville, ON

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Shame on you Jastek

By: Pbjornson | October 15, 2015

Jastek--- SHAME ON YOU !!!! Visit Reddit to hear real life stories of several people with real bad problems caused by Jastek don't fall for the paid reviews on this page. Purchasing this condo has been the worst experience as a first homebuyer, we are having major issues with our condo at ginger lofts. We have been fighting with home warranty for 3 years now. As soon as the problems got major they have been very hard to contact, they tell us that they are not responsible or that the doors are allowed to bend.., blah, blah, blah. Always an excuse why they don't have to fix the problem. When they have sent warranty workers to fix an issue they have made the problems even worse than before they came. Very inexperienced workers, I work in Construction for half my life and have been on top of every single issue, doing my own inspections before and after, because I have been so thorough with warranty issues Jastek has refused to fix the remainder of my deficiencies and now I...


Jastek Master Builder

401 Gray Ave Saskatoon, SK

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Way over budget

By: acusys | October 15, 2015

While the work we had performed by WB was average, the sub con's were excellent and on budget. As for WB, they were unable to provide any costs updates during our renovations (believe me we asked), and when we received the final bill it was 20K over what was budgeted. They charge not only 15% on top of sub con's and materials, they charge 15% on top of their labor rate as well. The owners of WB took no responsibility stating that it was our fault for all of the additional's (which they were not able to provide a listing of) and because we signed the cost plus contract, it was what was owed, end of discussion. If you are thinking of any home renovations, do not use WB contracting, and definitely do not sign a cost plus contract. They over charge where ever they can and blame you for the overage.

W B Contracting

3557 Mackenzie Ave Powell River, BC

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Hire These Guys The First Time

By: kingpaolo | October 10, 2015

Learn from our mistakes and hire the pros first. We took the lowest bid on a foundation tender and we paid dearly. The lowest bid was too good to be true and the entire job had to be redone, once Abarent dug a test hole for us and determined negligence. Kevin came up with a plan and executed to our satisfaction. The job was done quickly, professionally, and mostly, we have no more leaking basements. Highly recommend this company.
6920 condo Association

Abarent Construction Ltd

11472 - 156 Street Edmonton, AB

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Dennis Field doesn't pay his...

By: AlphaEx | September 22, 2015

I installed a septic system on a custom re-do, complete renovation that Dennis Field was general contracting. He never paid me and stiffed me for 25 grand. There was no issue with the quality of workmanship, he just flat out strung me along and never paid me in the end. I missed the cut off date to lien the customers property by one day, only because Dennis begged me to wait because he said he was going to pay me. As a customer, deal with this creep at your own peril. As a contractor, get full payment up front.

Don Field & Sons Construction

1 Richter St Brantford, ON

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Gong Show

By: D2C | September 1, 2015

Everything from start to finish an absolute gong show. A&S homes are a joke. Completion dates mean nothing to them but they still expect their money in full. You definitely don't get what you paid for. Still in the middle of it all but would walk if they couldn't sue me. Ensure you have a good lawyer before making a deal with these people.

A&S Homes

101-990 Lorimer Blvd Winnipeg, MB

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Quality kitchen renovation and custom...

By: YuliaK | September 1, 2015

The work crew headed by Stan was very polite and professional, did the work very efficiently, and left our home and the work area spotless! Although minus 1 star because project was delayed for 3 days. I would recommend them again unconditionally. Thank you Stan and to your team!

We Love our Sloot Home

By: KarenC | August 17, 2015

In the last 20 years, we have built a number of "custom build" homes. We have been fortunate to have dealt with excellent contractors along the way, but, we were most impressed with the staff at Sloot Construction on our most recent new home on Zaduk Place. From the owner John Sloot, to the office staff to the trades on site, they took the time to explain every step of the way and were very informative and patient in answering all of our questions.

During construction, they were very responsive to our many questions and requests. We liked the fact that our home was not just being fabricated according to the plans, but that we were given useful advice and information along the way so that we could make decisions and changes to make the house more functional and appealing. John Sloot met with us at the house on several occasions during construction and not only were his ideas on design changes very well thought out, but they were implemented without any...


Sloot Construction Ltd

599 Wellington St W Guelph, ON

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