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drivers ed in Colorado

By: Perryrhi | September 14, 2017

This is the best online driving school in Colorado that has been designed to save lives of young drivers by changing their attitudes and behaviors through training, education and parental participation. If you in Colorado or not You may take online driver education course at anytime from anywhere you have Internet access.

Colorado Online Driver Education

3755 Junction Blvd Raleigh, NC

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Great Work By Sunrise Builders!

By: DavidMathews | August 24, 2017

My new home is built by Sunrise Builders. They completed the work on time. Before starting the work, the design time of Sunrise sat with me and discussed my requirements for my house. They took care of everything which I told them. I am satisfied with the work of Sunrise Builders.

Sunrise Builders Inc

301 Highway 138 W # A Jonesboro, GA

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absolutely HORRENDOUS

By: mcn4044 | August 16, 2017

I would give this place negative 5 stars if I could. Never in my entire life have I had such an awful experience from any retailer of any capacity. My mom placed an order for a bathroom vanity at the very beginning of June. We found this vanity on, after having a very difficult time finding a vanity that fit our needs. We got an email saying that it would be coming from Cabinet Mania, ok sure no problem. Cabinet Mania said they would send us an email when it shipped.

An entire month went by with no emails from Cabinet Mania, so my mom decided to call and email. It took another week and a half before she ever heard back from anyone. They apologized for the inconvenience and were going to look into whatever the issue was. They said they'd send another email once our vanity shipped. Another two weeks go by, still no vanity or update.

My mom emails them again, asking what the hold up is, and also asking to just cancel the order because at...


I really appreciated that

By: conniem489 | August 15, 2017

It was a pretty extensive remodeling of the master bedroom area. I thought the guys he had come in for doing all of the different jobs, like the electricians, guys that did cabinet work, re-staining work, and the guys that did flooring all did quality work on the job they did. They especially did quality work for all of the changing of the colors of some of the wood pieces. They showed up when they said they would show up. The clean up afterwards was done very well. There wasn't a mess all over the place at the end of the day when they finished their job. They got back to me pretty quickly if I had any questions or concerns about the work. They always gave me feedback on ideas that I would have, and would let me know if there would be any price difference for any extra work. He came up with an idea how to change the shower so I wouldn't have to add extra expense relocating a hot water heater. He gave me good feedback to help control unnecessary work and to save money. I really appreciated that.

Mk Remodeling & Design

8051 E Plymouth Mesa, AZ

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By: Wilson12 | August 7, 2017

Once, when I left my previous job and started to look for a new one in the same field of home inspection, I bumped into Home Alliance. First of all I was not really impressed, to be honest. However, later, when I was finally accepted and became a part of working state, my statement changed entirely. Now, if you ask me, what is the best place for construction technicians to start? I will respond, that its is indisputably Home Alliance. It is not just good place for work with nice people around you, but it is also money, and good money. I am not sure, that I can fastly pick up an example of another company, which is ready to pay the same money for people with such skills.

Home Alliance

263 W Olive ave #178 Burbank, CA

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By: Stevendelsey | August 3, 2017

This started out as a good experience the first year. By the second time I hired them to return to do another job to complete the property it was a nightmare. All the sealer on my property was peeling drasticly. Making it look like shit. Then only cause I rehired them for another job they agreed to fix the dealer. But the they had to come back this year to fix a crack and cut it out twice!!! When they poored to replace the cracked piece they did so in the dam rain without covering it. And it was ruined again. Then they took there time getting to it. Then when they cut it out for the second time they chipped the edges so bad they had to cut even more off. Making it very unsymmetrical and not matching the rest of the cut lines in the front of the house which gives the curb appeal. Not to mention it wasn't even the same colour. They didn't even have the decency to seal it completely the edges were left unsealed and extra chips that you can see in the photos we're not fixed...


Amazing work!

By: JackCollins | July 24, 2017

The Gialluisi family of builders have demonstrated a true professionalism and case for not only the construction, but the satisfaction for each of our requests and desires. Whether it was performing custom work to take the home to the next level or ensuring every item on the checklist was above par, even after the sale, the dedication toward personal reputation has been impressive. I highly recommend Gialluisi Custom Homes to anyone who wants to build a beautiful and long lasting home!

Dishonest, Unprofessional, Leaves job...

By: Moore2017 | July 15, 2017

Hired this company for a basement remodel. The basement looks nice, but the work they did will not pass inspection. The owner, Jess Rhinhart, refuses to bring the work up to code. He installed a Hydrotub and Arapahoe County inspectors warn not to get near it, it poses an electrocution risk. Jess and his plumber Eric refuse to respond to calls, emails or texts and absolutely refuse to finish the work. nnAfter trying for 7 months to get this company to finish the job, we still have an unusable bathroom that won't meet code and our 'bedroom' cannot pass code as a bedroom because he refused to revise the egress even though he contracted to do so.

JBR Flooring and Remodel

8916 Copeland St Highlands Ranch, CO

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